Middle-East Based Bloggers and Instagrammers Explored Ningxia

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Big thank you to Dubai Travel Blog for sending me to a 5 days trip to Ningxia, China. I was with other Middle-East based bloggers and Instagrammer on this excursion.

Yes, this is in China not in Middle-East.


We boarded a straight 7 hours flight from Dubai to Yinchuan (Capital of Ningxia) via Emirates Airlines. This new route was launched last year only March 18, 2016.

Where and what is Ningxia?

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region I located in the Northwestern part of China. You could find different cultures here because of its location. It lies across the inland and pasture areas, as well as the intersection place of Yellow River cultures and Silk Road cultures. Muslim culture is very alive, so if you’re a Muslim traveler, this one should be on your bucket list. Halal food and attractions is a guarantee.

We were invited to experience its culture, see tourist spots and attraction and of course to taste Halal Muslim Food. The event aimed to showcase the hidden beauty of Ningxia to Middle Easter travelers.

I will be talking more about Ningxia on my Next blog. So please stay tuned. For now here some group photos of group photos on places we visited.

Special Thanks to Hallie for this amazing group photos. Check her blog http://www.liveandcolor.com


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