Shabarbush: A Taste Of London in Dubai

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Dubai Suddenly Tastes Like London:

Shabarbush is a new restaurant located near Mamzar Beach. Inspired by the famous district in London “Shepherd’s Bush” which is a favorite place by Emiratis to hang-out whenever they are in the City. Emiratis have a hard time pronouncing the district name properly, hence the world Shabarbush. 


Last weekend, I was invited, along with my fellow Instagrammer / Blogger, to have a taste of the food that they serve. I was a bit skeptical at first because I am currently on a Ketogenic Diet. I attended anyway (hahaha) since I want to catch-up with my friends. 

Fruit Affair

Since I am cutting my carbs and sugar intake, I told myself that I will only drink black coffee and just hang-out with my friends. But when the food was served it was really difficult not to indulge with it as they look really yummy. Luckily they have foods that are Ketogenic friendly, like Farmer’s Breakfast (just remove the bread or ask them to replace it with salad) and the Istanbul Egg.

Flat lay 2
Mushroom Mania
Farmer's Breakfast

The Management also informed me that you can basically ask them to modify any dish from the menu as per your liking. So if you are allergic or just simply avoiding certain food this is the place to be. You can eat anything without worrying.

The interior of the restaurant has a modern rustic look which I really love. The outside sitting is also amazing. Across the street from the restaurant is the Mamzar Public Beach. 

Outside View

For more information,  you can visit follow them on Instagram at or Like their Facebook Page


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